Comprehensive advice on mergers
and acquisitions of companies


Who we are

We are an organization specializing in the valuation of companies and in corporative consulting concerning sales and acquisitions.

Our mission is to generate value for our clients advising them at each stage of the buying-selling process.

Our goal is to achieve the highest possible price using sophisticated valuation models accepted by the international financial community. The attainment of this objective involves an effective strategy and the establishment of a network of contacts that will allow for the identification of the ideal investor.

We are experts in financial planning and in the development of plans for restructuring. If the company is in difficulty, we can provide a team of multi-skilled professionals who will be able to offer solutions recommending measures to adopt to refloat the company.

We have seven basic principles which govern our corporative policy:


We are professionals and we know the importance of the most important decision of your professional life.


We are sincere, whole and comply with the contracts acquired with you.


We understand the importance of confidentiality in these processes and we know how to protect you.


We are close and we know how to listen you. We understand your needs and concerns.


We are dedicated only to this and nothing else. That makes us experts.


We have carried out a multitude of successful operations with Spanish and international companies.


We never give up. We do not stop until we achieve the target.

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