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Financial planning and strategic management

At PRETIVM we are experts in the development of business plans and the preparation of all documents necessary to prove the growth potential of your company with the objective of attracting investors. It is our intention to increase the net worth of your company with the inclusion of planning and control systems that the principal companies in the sector have implemented.

Financial planning allows a company to foresee future events and most importantly prepare strategies that will allow it to anticipate and overcome any difficulties that may appear.

Any investor or financial organization that may wish to invest in your business will demand the preparation of a business plan in order to analyze whether the company can comply with its agreed commitments.

In the same way, if you are looking to invest in a start-up company or in an existing one, it is fundamental to include a detailed strategic plan which identifies the assumed risks together with the possible return on investment
In recent years we have seen how a large number of profitable companies have been faced with bankruptcy due to not undertaking any type of medium- or long-term planning. This would have allowed them to anticipate potential financial problems and take decisions accordingly.

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