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Sale of a company dedicated to sale and rent pianos

Project Harmony. Sale and rental of pianos

It is a company located in the center of Spain, dedicated to the sale and rental of pianos, both through multi-brand sales, including all existing brands on the market, up to the most exclusive and premium ones, as well as the sale of the entire range. of products, covering the sale of acoustic, digital, new, used and restored pianos, covering the full range of needs of its customers.

This portfolio of products is complemented with additional activities with high added value, such as the rental of pianos and musical instruments for events, including their transport and tuning, achieving high recurrence in their income, and enormous customer loyalty, including the most premium customers and brands in the market.

The yearly turnover exceed 2 million euros and has not debt.

The forecast for the year 2023 supposes to greatly exceed the sales figure and result of the year 2022, due to the growth plan established for the coming years, consolidating its strength and leadership in the market.

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